All Winter

by Giant in the Lighthouse

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Brian Dickens
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Brian Dickens This record is wonderfully sweet and carries with it lots of blissful yet powerful refrains and melodies that signal The Hotelier and perhaps even Great Big Pile Of Leaves. Super promising stuff from this new group <3 Favorite track: Heavy Ground.
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We spent a long time making these songs. We made this for us but we also made it for you.

Peggy O'Sullivan - Vocals/Guitar
Adrian Sympson - Drums

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Zachary Lee Brown at Blue Drift Studios in Lowell, MA.


released November 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Giant in the Lighthouse Lowell, Massachusetts



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Track Name: Heavy Ground
Talk to me, take me down your spine,
The lines above your hands crawl up in pairings side by side.
Walk with me, keep your eyes shut tight,
The holes along the weathered pavement lead you left and right.

My heart grows buried under heavy ground.

Breathe heavy, crumble and expand,
The backs on both our tired bodies sink into the sand.
Forget me. Run into the bay,
Shed the rotten parts of me and watch them float away.

My heart grows buried under heavy ground,
Take all that you know and turn it upsidown.

Different bridges pull me now,
another day of moving slowly in reverse.
Tomorrow I’ll be new again and I wont be afraid to shake the dirt up off my chest.

My heart grows buried under heavy ground,
Take all that you know and turn it upsidown.
Track Name: All Winter
I walked around this town all winter,
It didn’t seem to get me anywhere.
Under an empty frozen shiver,
I felt the seasons in me change.

I felt us dancing in my ribcage,
The rhythm in my head almost every night.
It starts only when I least expect it,
and it hangs around by my bedside.

Is anybody out there? Can anybody hear my call?
I’m searching for a place to hide if that place even exists at all.
I have followed the signs, unaware of the time,
It’s too late - my heads starting to spin.
Shake the scent from my clothes, take the roads that we know lead us home,
We end up where we begin.

It’s all a memory now, it’s always been too long,
We see the shadows wave under the ancient pond.
I got a feeling now that everything I had is gone.
It’s all a memory now, remember nights like this?
Follow the dancing moon, just leave us out to drift.
It’s been a while now since I have felt alive again.

I can feel us dancing in my chest late at night, I can feel us drowning.
I can feel it pushing me over the edge, I can feel it stretching.